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Alter Ego Films

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Wiith nearly 60 years of combined experience, the Emmy Award-winning creative force behind Alter Ego Films produces commercials, corporate films, and viral videos in international, national, and local markets. We are a turnkey production company that can handle any project from conception through post production – or any point in between.
With hundreds of commercials collectively, the Alter Ego Films team can handle any job from creative through post production with ease. We offer all formats of production from 35mm film to HD video and offer AVID and FINAL CUT for offline editing and SMOKE, INFERNO, HENRY and NITRIS SYMPHONY for online and compositing.
In addition to Los Angeles and New York City, we’ve produced commercials and corporate films in markets including Seattle, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Phoenix, Austin, Cincinnati, Boston, and Baltimore. Our international productions include Mexico, Australia and the United Kingdom.
In addition to production work, our creative team has an extensive background in titling, graphics, and 2D/3D visual effects.
Alter Ego Films has produced news campaigns in numerous major markets across the country for over a decade. We are the leader in image branding for news in the United States.
King 5 Seattle, WFAA 8 Dallas Ft.Worth, WLWT Cincinnati, WCVB Boston, WBAL Baltimore, NWN Seattle/Tacoma, TCN Dallas, WHUB Boston, and WORX New York City are some of the many stations we have created image campaigns for.

In addition to news station campaigns, we’ve also created and produced branding commercials for The Dallas Morning News, Al Dia, The Ticket, and The Merge FM among others.